Saturday, 26 August 2017

New Company Registration in India

If New Company Registration is any indication, India growth story is far from over, as some of the naysayers would like to believe. BRICS nation comprising on India, China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa were seen as the future engines of world economy. Brazil, Russia and SA were derailed to an extent and now even China is seeing a slowdown in the economy. India, with all it’s problem notwithstanding, has been the only constant performer and is still seen as a country which has strong fundamentals and ample growth opportunity. If number of people who have done New Company Registration is any indication, India growth story will continue to boom. We discuss below 7 points which reinforces our belief in India Growth Story:

New Firm Registration number grew exponentially in last quarter and the number of SME as per some estimate is over 80 millions. This definitely is no sign of slowing down.

Indian economy has grown with 7.5%+ rate and is slated to grow so. Gurgaon, which is the story of India’s growth, has seen a sharp rise in New Company Registration in Gurgaon

Apart from New CompanyRegistration, India has seen over thousands of foreign fund houses setting up shop in India

All the big daddies of e-commerce are queuing up to set shop in India. Online Business Registration in India has seen a stupendous growth and is slated to grow over 10% YoY

Private Limited CompanyIncorporation and Company Formation in India has shown a high increase in the profits posted. This definitely shows that India is a land of opportunity.

Digital India, Make in India, Start Up India campaign has infused India Inc with a renewed vigor. Infact the Pvt Ltd Company Registration Online has broken all previous records.

Company Registration in Gurgaon, the IT and BPO hub of India is now the city (Delhi-NCR) which has highest GDP in India. The GDP of Delhi-NCR is more than many a countries!!!

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