Sunday, 22 May 2016

Company Registration in Gurgaon (5 Reason why Gurgaon has replaced Bengaluru and Mumbai as favorite destination for entrepreneurs)

There was a time when Mumbai was considered to be preferred location for Company Formation in India. With rise of IT sector in late 90’s, Bangalore along with Hyderabad were preferred choice of startups to register new company. But in late 2000’s Pvt Ltd Company Registration Online saw a major change and Delhi-NCR became one of the most preferred destination for Company Registration Services. In one of our last edition, we have enumerated the reasons for the same
Now we will evaluate reasons by Company Registration in Gurgaon has overtaken other cities in NCR as most popular destination for Private Limited Company Incorporation:
1-    Gurgaon’s proximity to Delhi Airport makes it an ideal location for corporates
2-    Easy Access to talent
3-    Eco System for Corporates
4-    Public Transport availability in Gurgaon
5-    Preferred Location for entrepreneurs wanting to start business in North India

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