Sunday, 8 May 2016

Part 4: Legal Structures to Start your business:: Private Limited Company Registration Online

Now, we come to the fourth and final part of this section and we will discuss the most popular form Private Limited Company Incorporation.
Why Private Limited Company Incorporation?
Private Limited Company is the most reputed form of company registration services and suitable for people who are looking to raise fund, provide ESOPs, or do Online business registration with e-commerce companies. A register Private Limited Company is a separate legal entity, which is able to enter into contracts in its own name. Liabilities of the Private Limited Company are the responsibility of the company - not the shareholders. Moreover legal compliance for Private Limited Company is less tedious when compared to Public Limited so it is preferred form of registering a new company. For private limited company incorporation , 2 DINs and 1 DSC is required. Also, the process of Closing Private Limited company has been simplified.
Pvt ltd company registration Online process has been simplified now. The process of company formation in India is more or less similar in each state though Company Incorporation in Delhi is cheaper than registration of company in India elsewhere
Liability: Scared of implication? Don't Worry! Director's (Owners) Liability is Limited in case of any defaults in Private Limited Company
Fund Raising: Have the next big idea? If you register new company with a plan to raise find, it is easy to Raise Equity/Debt Funding from Banks or VCs in Pvt Ltd Company
Credibility: Big Corporates wary to do business? Pvt Ltd Company has more credibility with Clients and Online Company Registration in case of e-Commerce companies
Easy To Close: Didn't quite work out? No issues! it is as simple to close a Private Limited Company as registration of company in India.
Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi takes about 7-10 working days
Step 1: DSC for 1 director + DIN for up to 2 director
Step 2: Name Confirmation from ROC
Step 3: LLP MOA/AOA Drafting
Step 4: Certificate of Incorporation
Step 5: LLP PAN & TAN
Step 6: Go get it……
Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi costs Rs 13,900/- .
This is the most recommended form of Company registration by all the Company Registration Consultants in Delhi and across globe. We need not say more!!!
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In our next series we will write about Accounting Services, and why they are important not only for compliance purpose but also to expand your business.

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