Monday, 27 June 2016

Draining up of funds for e-com Start-Ups (5 Reasons why this is a blessing in disguise for new Online Business Registration!!!)

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In my last blog we discussed e-Commerce valuations which, in my humble, opinion does not make much business sense (
Start-Ups are finding real difficult to raise funds and entrepreneurs are facing the heat. Now this can be a blessing in disguise for start-ups by serious entrepreneurs and they can focus on building a sustainable business rather than whiling their time running behind VCs who run behind herds

Start-Up is end of the day a Business and any business can only be run as a business The best (and only) way to run any venture is to make it sustainable (and yes, Scalability and Sustainability can go hand in hand). Let us evaluate 5 basic principles to run a venture successfully.
1-    2 Years Rule: Start the plan with funds for 2 years atleast (Cash, Cash Receivables, Sure Shot Contracts, Firm commitment on funding etc . Expected business growth, a passing commitment by a friend won’t count). Make your budgeting, hiring plan accordingly and the moment the buffer comes to 1 year, go looking again for fund.
2-    Sustainability before Scalability: Focus first on creating a sustainable business before targeting scale. The stronger the foundation, the stronger the monument. Lot of people do the mistake of opening a new branch or launch a new product line before ensuring their existing product line is breaking even.
3-     Marketing ROI: Lot of Start-Ups start spending on every mode of marketing (and when it fails, they justify it by christening it as ‘branding exercise’!!!), In nutshell Spray and Pray policy does not work with Marketing for Start-Ups
4-    Hiring at Right Time: There is no dearth of talent in India and so always hire someone when you have fixed KPIs defined for the employee. Not doing this is unfair to your business, new employee and existing employee
5-    Bottom-line: Business is done to create value for all the Stakeholders and profit generation should always be the Top priority. Everything else would follow.
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