Wednesday, 13 September 2017

3 ways your Accounting Consultant can help you grow your business

Accounting is a serious job. An accounting consultant can save lot of money for their clients through Tax Advisory, can help in fund raising (Debt or Equity) by ensuring proper accounting and due diligence are maintained and keep their client safe by doing proper regulatory compliance.

There are various accounting firms in Delhi and hundreds of accounting consultants in Delhi but it is important to know how to make best use of the immense knowledge an accounting consultant possess. Here we will mention 3 advice you would need from your Accounting Consultant.

Tax Optimization: An accounting consultant helps a client to optimize their taxes properly and in the process saves a lot of money for their clients. There are various ways to optimize your tax like booking the expense, taking credit on GST etc. etc. We have observed empirically that a company can save up to 5% of their operations tax with correct advice from accounting consultants.

Fund Raising: Correct accounting practices and proper due diligence is a pre-requisite for raising any form of funds, be it equity or debt. One of the major way an accounting consultant can help you is to ensure that you are always covered on this front. A competent Accounting Consultant would ensure that every revenue earned by company is reported and every expense made is accounted for.

Regulatory Compliances: Accountancy firms helps a company to always ensure that they are compliant and there is no chance of any unwanted notice from any government department such as I.T, PF, ESI, GST etc. etc.

Hence it makes sense for owners/founders/managers to opt for best accountant firms and use their accounting consultant proactively to grow the business. Just to add, an Accounting Consultant is as good as the client and hence it is duty of owners to ensure that they are able to use the Accounting Services in best possible manner.

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