Thursday, 7 September 2017

Dos and Don’ts of choosing the right Accounting Company in Delhi

Basic Principle of any Company, be it a conglomerate or a family run business or be it a funded/non funded start-up or a small business such as Kirana Shop remains the same, to earn profits for all the stakeholder. Stakeholders would include Shareholders, employees and even customers. Many Company, especially the start-ups and family run businesses, makes the cardinal sin of not taking their accounting function seriously and more often than not, they are in dark about how their business is actually performing and what needs to be done to improve their performance.
There is no denying the fact that cost saving is very important in any start-up but hiring right Accounting Company for your business is an investment which will give you great returns. Also, just to think of it, you can hire an Accounting Company in Delhi for your business for as low as Rs 1200/- month (or Rs 40/- per day).
There are few Dos and Donts of hiring the Small Business Accountant, which will be detailed below:
Point No. 1: Always speak to the Accounting Company Representative who would be overseeing your accounting function and clearly define the deliverables every month in terms of MIS etc
Point No. 2: Cost quoted by Accounting Company is also important. Though cost in Metros is always greater than cost in Tier 2 cities for eg. Accounting Company in Delhi would charge atleast 10% more than Accounting Company in Patna
Point No. 3: Specify to the accounting company the requirement of providing account receivables every month. This is especially important for small business accountants.
In nutshell, though it is important for all businesses (especially small business) to hire accounting company but it is equally important to choose the accounting company carefully and define deliverables well in advance.

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